Citmar si kuytiarm?
Now is what time? 

Citmar si cidtiarm.
Now is one o'clock. 

Chviar ciøhmng, citmar si kuytiarm?
May ask, now is what time? 

Citmar si nngxtiarm jixzabhwn.
Now is two o'clock twenty minutes. 

Chviar ciøhmng, citmar karm si svatiarm?
May ask, now is three o'clock?  

Goar ee piøfar ykefng sietiarm`aq.
My watch already four o'clock.

Lie ee piøfar karm u zurn?
Your watch is accurate? 

U, goar ee piøfar cyn-zurn.
 Yes, my watch is very accurate.

Hit'ee sizefng u zurn`bøo?  Nar iawbøe goxtiarm?
That clock is correct or not?  How come it is not five o'clock yet?

Hit'ee sizefng bøo zurn, jwkviaa jwkirn. 
That clock is not accurate, it's getting faster. 

Muyjit (tagjit) kirn laghwn-svazabbiør. 
Everyday fast(gains) 6 minutes 30 seconds.

Taxnsi cit'ee nauxzefng lorng bøexkirn ma bøexban.
But this alarm clock is always not faster and not slower.

Lie zaiviar khoaechiaf kuytiarm øe kaux (kao'ui)?
You know the express what time will arrive?

Khoaechiaf ti thaozar chittiarm-pvoax øe kaux! 
The express at early morning 7 o'clock and half will arrive.

Larn øe hux`bøe?
we will be able to catch it (the express) or not?

øe`laq, iao cviazar`leq!  Mxbiern kviaf.
Yes, still quite earlier.  Don't worry.

sii --> sikafn sizefng nau zhafnau nauxzefng citmar kui --> kuy.. (counting) kuytiarm kuy'ee laang kuyto kuypong tiarm hwn biør piør piøfar zurn kviaa zao thiaux kirn <--> ban bøexkirn bøexban bøkirn bøban zaiviar khoaechiaf <--> baxnchiaf chiaf kaux <--> chiaf khuy hux cviaa --> cviazar cyn --> cinzar ciog --> ciokzar biern mxbiern kviaf cit, nng, svaf, six, go, lak, cid.., nngx.., sva.., sie.., gox.., lag.., chid, pQeq, kao, zap, zabid, zabji chit.., pQeh.., kaw.., zab.., zabit..,zabjix..
Oexkux Liexnsip (Pattern Drill): ... kuy..? (How many...?) Lie si kuypong? (You are how many pounds?) Citmar si kuyto? (Now is how many degrees?) karm ... ? (ask for confirmation) Lie karm u eeng? (You have free time?) Zef karm si lie ee? (This is yours?) Nar iawbøe ... (Why/How come have not yet ...?) ... si afnzvoar nar iawbøe ? (Why/How come have not yet ...?) Y Nar iawbøe laai`leq? (He how come has not come yet?) Y si afnzvoar nar iawbøe laai`leq? (He why has not come yet?) jw.. jw.. (the more ..., the more....) Laang jwlaai jwzøe. (More and more people come.) Ho lwløh lwtoa. (Rain is getting harder.) ... øe ...`bøe? (...will be able to ... or not) Lie øe hiao`bøe? (you understand or not?) Lie ee khaf øe sngf`bøe? (Your legs soar or not?)