Siensvy, lirn u kuyee laang bQeq zQrhoea ioxngzhafn? 

Sir, you have how many people are going to together have-meal?

Sir, how many people are in your party? (先生, 您有幾個人欲用餐?)

Goarn u nngxee laang.

We have two people. (阮有兩個人)

Chviar lie tQex goar laai.

Please you follow me come.

Please follow me. (請你隨我來.)

Goarn aix oar thang'ar ee tQh'ar.

We like near window's table.

We like to have a table near the window. (阮愛倚窗仔個桌仔.)

Chviar mng, sQefchiuo ee sofzai ti tQfui?

May I ask, rest room place is where?

Where is the rest room? (請問, 便所在何位?)

SiQfciar, sQefchiwkefng si ti thauzeeng.

Ms., wash-hand-room is in the front.

Goar ciog-iaw.  Chviar lie theh zhaetvoaf laai.

I'm so hungray. Please you bring a menu.

I'm so hungray. Please give me a menu. (我很餓. 請你提菜單來.)

SiQfciar, lie bQeq tiarm symmih?

Ms., you are going to order what?

Ms., what would you like to order? (小姐, 你要點什麼?)

Goar bQeq cidvoar mixthngf kab nngxliap nng.

I want a bowl of sticky rice-ball and two eggs.


Siensvy, lie bQeq cidpoef kapy`bQo?

Sir, would you like to have a cup of coffee? 

(先生, 你要一杯咖啡嗎?)

Boeq, chviar lie ho goar cidpoef kapy kab svapaw thngg.

Yes, please you give me a cup of coffee and 3 packs of sugar.

Yes, please give me a cup of coffee and 3 packs of sugar.

(要, 請你給我一杯咖啡 與三包糖.)

Simxsi afnny ciu hQr?

Yes-no this way enough? (是不是安呢就好?)

Is that all? (是不是安呢就好?)

Si. Mahoaan lie kiQx zofngphox zuo khaqkirn`cide.

Yes. trouble you ask the chef to cook little bit faster. 

Yes. Please ask the chef to hurry up. (是, 麻煩你叫廚司煮較快[緊]一下.)

Zhaix laai laq!  Cyn-phvaysex, ho lirn tarn ciog-kuo. 

Dish  has come.  Very-sorry, let you wait for too long.

Here we are! I'm sorry to keep you wait so long. 

(菜 來 啦! 真歹勢, 給 您 等 很 久.)

A'Hoaa, hQfciah`bQo?

A'Hoaa, good-eat?

Honey, how is the food? (阿華, 好吃嗎?)

Ciog-hQfciah. Zubi sidzaai uxkau h0r!

Delicious. The taste is really good.   (很好吃.)

A'Lioong, ciaqpar`bQe?  Larn bQeq kQq laikhix khvoax tiexnviar.

A'Lioong, eat-full yet?? We are going also to see a movie.

A'Lioong, are you done? We've got to go to watch a movie. 

(阿龍, 吃飽了嗎? 咱欲復來去看電影.)

Chviar lie kietsngx`cide.

Please you caculate. (請你結算[賬]一下.)

Check, please. (請你結算[賬]一下.)

TQsia lirn laai kaukoafn.

Thank you came to eat.

Thanks for coming (多謝您[們]來交關.)

piexnsor sQefchiwkefng thauzeeng auxpiaq tQrpeeng cviarpeeng tiongn'gf