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MTL English Harnji Phrase/Sentence English
Taigie Taiwanese 台語 Goar boeq Qh Taigie. I want to learn Taiwanese.
Taioaan Taiwan 台灣 Taioaan si cidee pQftQr. Taiwan is a treasure island.
taixcix business 事情 Goar u taixcix. I've something came up.
tap'exng promise 答應 Y u tap'exng goar. He/she did promise me.
tarn wait Gurn ti teq tarn`y. We are waiting for him/her.
tegpiet special 特別 Citkefng zhux cyn tegpiet. This house is very special.
thaau head Muyee laang u cidee thaau. Everybody has one head.
thagzheq read Y thagzheq cyn jixncyn. He/she studies hard.
theeng stop Mxthafng toax ciaf theeng. Don't stop right here.
thegi suggestion 提議 Hef si cidee cyn hQr ee thegi. That is a very good motion. (in a meeting)
thvy sky Thvy ti tefngbin. Sky is up there.
nau initiate trouble Y si boeq laai nau`ee. He/she is asking for trouble.
niar collar Goar u cidniar svaf. I have a dress.
niawchie mouse 老鼠 Niaw ti teq jiog niawchie. Kat is chasing mouse.
nikie age 年紀 Y ee nikie bQo toa. His/her age is not big. (not old)
niuu measure Y ka goar niuu svaf. He/she measure my clothes. (for custom made)
lai'ar pear 梨仔 Goar aix ciah lai'ar kab thQ'ar I love eating pear and peach.
laixbin inside 內面 Gurn ti laixbin. We are inside.
lawsit honest 老實 Y sidzai si u kaux lawsit. He/she is very honest.
lefpaix week 禮拜 CidkQx goeh u six-lefpaix. This month has four weeks.
liap round subjects' unit Goar u cidliap kam'ar. I have an orange.
loflat thanks 勞力 Cyn-loflat. Thanks a lot.