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MTL English Harnji Phrase/Sentence English
pafpar full 飽飽 Papaf ciah pafpar. Dad is full.
pax leopard Hiaf u cidciaq pax. A leopard is over there.
peqseg white 白色 Cittviw zoar si peqseg`ee. This sheet of paper is white.
pefng ice Citmar ti teq lQh pefng. It is snowing right now.
po chew Zhuix extaxng po miqkvia. Mouth is able to chew stuff.
pQh thin Cittviw zoar cyn pQh. This sheet of paper is very thin.
pvy side hQpvy river side.
phQ hold Papaf aix phQ gyn'ar. Dad is fond of holding babies.
phoe comforter Mamaf ka siQfti kax phQe. Mom cover comforter on young brother.
phangzuie perfume 香水 Citkoaxn phangzuie cyn phafng. This bottle of perfume smells great.
phawchiaf sports car 跑車 Phawchiaf zao cyn kirn. Sports car run very fast.
pharng bread 麵包 Goar aix ciah pharng. I love eating bread.
mafsiong right away 馬上 Y mafsiong oe tngr`khix. He/she will be home right away.
mahoaan bother 麻煩 Goar boeq ka lie mahoaan cide. I'm going to bother you a little bit.
miaa name Goar ee miaa si A'Beeng. My name is A'Beeng.
min'afzaix tomorrow 明天 Min'afzaix si kQeanii. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.
mxbiern no need 不免 Chviar lie mxbiern laai. Please don't come.
mxhQr no good 不好 MxhQr afnny zQx. Please don't do that.
bQ'eeng not free/busy 無閑 Y cyn bQ'eeng He/she is very busy.
boe sell Citkefng tiaxm u teq boe chiaf. This shop sells cars.
boea buy Larn laikhix boea chiaf. Let's go to buy a car.
bin face Mamaf aix oe bin. Mom loves to put on makeup(draw face).
bang dream Gyn'ar aix zQx bang. Children loves to dream.