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MTL English Harnji Phrase/Sentence English
zap ten Cid kaux zap. One to ten.
zarn good Cittaai tiexnsi cyn zarn. This TV set is excellent.
ze sit Larn ykefng ze sviw kuo. We've already sit too long.
zoex being, making Y boeq zoex hauxtviuo. He/she wants to be a principal.
zhof rough Y ee chiuo zhozhof His/her hands are rough.
zhar making noise Chviar lirn mxthafng zhar. Please don't make noise.
zhuiechiw beard 嘴鬚 Y u zhuiechiw. He has moustache.
zhwn left over Zhaix zhwn cyn zoe. There is a lot of leftover.
sae drive Saychiaf mxthafng sae sviw-kirn. Don't drive too fast.
simseg interesting 心適 Zef sidzai cyn simseg. This is really interesting.
siar write Y aix siar phoef. He/she loves writing a letter.
sviu think Mxthafng opeh-sviu. Don't think irrationally.
joah hot Kin'afjit cyn joah. Today is very hot.
ji word Siar ji aix ioxngsym. Wrting must with full heart.
jiaau wrinkle Citniar svaf cyn jiaau. This dress is wrinkled.
jidthaau sun 日頭 jidthaau cyn iam The sun is flaming.