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MTL English Harnji Phrase/Sentence English
ciah eat Cyn-hQfciah Taste good.
ciQq borrow Exsae ka lie ciQq`cide bQo?. May I borrow you a second?
cirnpo progress 進步 Lie cirnpo cyn-zoe. You make a lot of progress.
cvii money Y cyn-u cvii. He/she is rich.
chid wipe Goar laai chid y'ar. Let me wipe the chair.
chiQx laugh Y aix chiQx. He/she loves smiling.
chiafm sign Chivar lie chiafm miaa. Please sign your name.
chviar please 且/請 Chviar ze. Please sit down.
chviseg green 青色 Zhawpof si chviseg`ee. Grass filed is green.
sy poem Sijiin aix zQx sy. Poet love writing poems.
saychiaf driving a car 駛車 Y aix saychiaf. He/she loves driving.
suky drive 司機 Suky teq saychiaf. Driver loves driving.
sQr lock Mngg tiQqaix oexkixtid sQr. Remember to lock the door.
jiblaai come in 入來 Chviar lie jiblaai ze. Please come in.
jiog chase Kao ti teq jiog`y. Dog is barking at him/her.
jidkix diary 日記 Y muyjit lorng siar jidkix. He/she writes diary every day.
jixtiern dictionary 字典 Goar u cidpurn jixtiern. I have a dictionary.