Spider Web

U cidciaq titw ka hosiin korng, "Chviar lie tuy cit'ee vii ee lauthuy peq khylaai goarn-taw."

Hossin ixn y korng, "TQsia, tQsia, goar ka lie sQehsia. Goar na peq-khylix lirn-taw, ciu bQexthafng tuy hiaf kQhzaix lQh`laai.

Titw kQq korng: "Lie kuijit teq pQelaai-pQekhix, iah kvar cviasien`laq. Goar ee binzhngg cviasuie kQq cviasorng, lie nar m lQqlaai ciaf hiQhkhuxn?"

Hosiin ixn y korng, "TQsia, tQsia, goar ka lie sQehsia. Laang korng, ti titw ee binzhngg`nih khuxn ee laang, mxbad Qexthafng kQq khurnchvie."

Titw korng, "Hosiin Hviaf, goar aix lie. Ti goarn-zhuolai ee khehthviaf`nih, goar u zwnpi cviazQe chvizhaw bQeq chviar`lie. Lie nar m laai ciaf ze?"

Hosiin ixn y korng, "TQsia, tQsia, goar kQq ka lie sQehsia. Goar ee paktor pafpar, bQo sviu bQeq ho laang chviar."

Titw kQhzaix tuix hosiin korng, "Hosiin Hviaf, Hosiin Hviaf. Lie nar Qe ciahniq' ientaau? Lie karm zay, lie ee bagciw vii-kurnkuxn, lie ee sit si hiahniqar kym-siaksiag. Goar theh kviax laai ho lie ciQx, lie ciu thafng zaiviar."

Hosiin thviatiQh titw QlQr y ientaau, ciu simlai hvoahie, lorng bQe kietid tiQqaix tviutii. Y cide pQef-jibkhix titw-bang`nih, ciu piernzoex titw ee armtngx.


There was a spider that said to a fly, "Please climb up this circular ladder to my house."

The fly replied, "Thank you, thank you, I thank you very much. But if I climb into your house, I will not be able to come out."

The spider said: "You fly here and there all day long, you must be very tired. My bed is very pretty and comfortable, why don't you come down here and rest."

The fly replied, "Thank you, thank you, I thank you very much. People say that whoever sleeps on a spider's bed will never wake up again."

The spider said, "Brother fly, I love you. In my house, I have prepared a lot of grass jelly to treat you with. Why don't you come here and sit?"

The fly replied, "Thank you, thank you, I thank you very much. My stomach is full, I don't feel like being treated."

The spider said again to the fly, "Brother fly, Brother fly. How are you this handsome? Do you know, your eyes are very round and your wings are so shiny. Let me get a mirror for you to see, then you will know."

When the fly heard the spider praise its handsomeness, it felt so happy inside that it completely forgot it had to be careful. It immediately climbed inside the spider's web and became the spider's dinner.

蝴蠅應伊講,"多謝,多謝,我跟你說謝。 我若爬起去恁兜,

蜘蛛講: "你規日在飛來飛去,或敢真善啦。 我的眠床很美


蜘蛛講, "蝴蠅兄,我愛你。 在我厝內的客廳,我有準備很多 
要請你。 你怎不來此坐?”

蝴蠅應伊講,"多謝,多謝,我又跟你說謝。 我的腹肚飽飽,

蜘蛛復再對蝴蠅講, "蝴蠅兄。 你怎會這麼緣投? 你感知你的
眼睛圓滾滾, 你的翅那麼金閃閃.我提鏡來給你照,你就可知影。"

蝴蠅聽著蜘蛛讚洛伊緣投, 就心內攏未記著愛張遲。 伊一下飛入
去蜘蛛網裡, 就成做蜘蛛的晚頓。