Liie Suixhong

(Siar ho Austin, ti y 22-hQex ee svijit, taixhak pitgiap-zeeng.
Ciog y svijit khoaelok, haggiap-iwseeng.)

Qexkix`tid zahngf ciaq teq ka lie phQ, ka lie khafn,
Kaq lie chitthQo, kaq lie biq-siQzhaxng.
Kin'afjit, lie ykefng si cidee cviazaai ee siaolieen-laang,
Haggiap iwseeng, hirongzeeng zhQe lie ee bang.

 Yestoday, I was embarrassing you, holding your hands to lead you,
 playing with you, and playing hide-and-seek with you.
 Today, you've already became a strong young man with successful
 academic achievements and looking forward to pursue your dreams.

Jinsefng ee loxtoo biawbiao-bangbaang,
Iong lie ee tiehui ciQrknfg thauzeeng ee loxhang.
Kienkioong ee sirnsym, phvoa lie kviakQex kotvoaf ee hantafng,
Hong'uo-tiofng, Qexkix`tid larn ee zhux si lie ee pixhofng-karng.

 Life's journey is uncertain. With your wisdom, it will shed the
 light on the roads ahead of you.
 With your strength, it will lead you through the loneliness and bitter time.
 Regardless how harsh the winds and rains could be, our home will be
 your shelter.

Ciog lie pitgiap, ciog lie tngftoaxlaang,
Ciog lie hvoahvoaf-hyhie bQeq zhutphaang.
Bang lie sinthea iofngkvia bQe-siuxhonghaan,
Bang lie suxgiap sengkofng kQefcie moar chiuxzaang.

 Congratulation to your graduation, and your manhood.
 Wish you happy and best wishes to your journey.
 Wish you healthy without suffering from hardship.
 Wish you successful with fruitful of accomplishments.